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Company Profile

The general information:

        The company MOSSklad is known as the company enables it to find the right production solution in supplying a customer with the metalworking equipment and transport metalworking equipment straight from its storehouse to any Russian region. 

        The company MOSSklad was set up in 2006 year by the professionals who have many-years experience in the metalworking industry. The company is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moscow and Russian Federation (registration number № 120-905). The company is entered in the guild of the enterprise of high technology and innovations. 

        The absence of a company in the Russian market which could supply a customer with available metalworking equipment, tools, spare parts and consumable materials of high quality served the reason to set up the company MOSSklad. 

        The smart name of our company contains the main principal of its work – metalworking machines in stock and the possibility to dispatch them straight from the storehouse and deliver them to any Russian region.

        MOSSklad means dispatch of metalworking machines straight from the storehouse.

        The main purpose of the company is to find the best samples of metalworking equipment and tools which are produced throughout the whole world.

        At the present moment we have many thousands of customers which are manufacturers who work in Russia and CIS and own different kinds of property.

The individual issue:

        This is our goal, our policy to be the best in seeking metalworking equipment to a customer in order that to improve, to enlarge productivity as well as to modernize customer’s manufacture that leads to growing customer’s business.
        Our exclusive target is to meet customer’s particular productive needs and satisfaction. We target either customer with standard or sophisticated demands in metalworking equipment for their productive purposes. We provide assistance for our partners in reserving hotels during the realization of joint projects.


        We are focused on picking up metalworking equipment in accordance with customer’s specific manufacturing tasks. We offer concrete technological solutions in organizing a customer’s plant from the first steps to the moment of a project’s completion taking into consideration estimated capacity of a project and amount of its financing. We provide a customer with production consultancy trying to help a customer to find the right metalworking machines which are agreeable to the necessary standards of manufacture. We demonstrate the production potential of the equipment at our demonstration hall.


        We offer the profitable terms to a customer relied on the buyback system: firstly we buy the customers’ equipment and secondly we realize re-equipment and modernization of customer’s manufacture. We sell the equipment to customers according to individual discount program as well as selling equipment by instalment. We provide customers with seasonal discounts which let customers buy metalworking equipment for a low price.  


        Personalized attention is always available with MOSSklad’s engineering department. Back-call option of our website makes accessible free engineering consultancy to a customer. Besides we provide a customer’s staff with training according to working with the equipment. We realize works concerning repair and restoration of equipment in the customer’s factory as well as order and deliver spare parts and consumable materials.


MOSSklad takes part in many exhibitions every year.

Contact information:

Business center ‘Kronshtadt’
35B, Kronshtadtskiy boulevard, Moscow, 125499, Russia
Telephone: +7 495 150 8587

We offer metalworking equipment that multiplies productivity, improves the quality of a product and as a result of it increases customer’s profit.


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